Photo: Purabi Das, Pickering, April 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope you are well and safe during this difficult time. I want to thank you for your continued support of my blog. My intention is to post about things that give me hope, a personal favourite, since so much of the news is disheartening. We do need to know what’s going on but we don’t need to constantly flood our minds with what makes us feel vulnerable.

 We will get through this together, with courage, imagination, and compassion.

Sometimes it helps to simply stay in the present, honing our powers of perception, using the five senses. We know change brings transformation of some sort. Use all five senses, let ordinary things in your surrounding come to life.

We are in our homes, physically distancing ourselves from those we love, parents, grandparents, grandchildren and even children who as adults live away. Friends whom we haven’t met in person for a really long time. Yes, it all adds to the stress we feel at this moment. Let’s take this time to live mindfully.

The pink and gray brick of our backyard appears magical after the rain. I stuck my head out the screen door, and let the whisper of rain mingled with a cool breeze fan across my face. That was a joyful moment. Rain has been an inspiration to me always; now, there’s special respect for the brick backyard.

There’s a silver bell on the coffee table and it needs a polis to bring out its sheen. When my son was young and if sick, I would leave the bell beside his bed from him to ring for me. Memories of a child’s growing years are wrapped around this small object, bringing it to life.

The sandalwood soap my daughter insisted I use – it had been in the cupboard too long. Water enhances its subtle scent, fills me with delight in the joys of simple things.  Was it only three and half weeks ago I had seen her in person? Seems like in another age.

Rummaging through some papers on my desk I came across a change purse I had bought in Thailand many years ago. The deep indigo silk with gold embroidered elephants marching in line made me stop and pick it up. I couldn’t help but smile. A royal procession of maharajahs, fantastically adorned elephants, nobles garbed in many-hued clothes, prancing horses, dance and music filled the air. For a second, I was transported out of this world to enter one of make-believe.  

We try to drive out to the country when we can and on one such excursion, came upon a winding path hidden between long grass. This eventually led to a gravel road. The day was cool and windy but it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm to have found such a gem so close to where we live. Beauty of nature never ceases to awe and inspire.

Stay safe…Keep well.

Purabi Das


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