Photo: Purabi Das, Grand Cayman
I have a personal relationship with the Bougainvillea. Is it any wonder then this tropical flower has been the center […]
Photo: Purabi Das, Durham, ON March 2020
As humans we find ways to deal with the unexpected, the uncertainties, the anxieties that a situation like we are […]
Photo by Purabi Sinha Das
Sometimes a chosen path gets cluttered with stones and rocks. With patience the stones can be removed easily. To climb […]
Photo by Purabi Sinha Das Location: Montserrat, Spain
I had never heard of this place until we planned to visit Barcelona. Montserrat or Jagged Mountain, about 45 km […]
Artist - Purabi Sinha Das
Many years ago a child once approached her mother and asked in a timid voice if she could join a […]
Photo by Purabi Sinha Das Location - Towards Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
As in previous years, this August we heard the siren call of the road. There is something about a trip […]