Life during this time of global pandemic isn’t easy. But the good news is that although most of us might still experience sheer helplessness from time to time, we are in most part a bit more educated about the whole thing.

It was the afternoon of March 12, 2020 and I was folding laundry clothes – one of the most mundane of household chores – when the radio gave a shrill beep to announce breaking news. We were in lockdown! Just like that the life we had known and taken for granted would change for all of us. I continued with my task although flooded with a sense of bewilderment and then I remember walking from room to room not quite sure what to do next. What does a pandemic mean? Most of us had never lived in one; just read about it. As humans we are so geared to “doing” so for me not to be able to do anything at that momentous hour was appalling – I had to be up and about just to rid myself of this dread spreading slowly in my mind. But what could I do?

We are reaching the one-year mark of the pandemic caused by COVID-19.  

Each one of us has had to come to terms living a new way of life. When the going gets really tough I remind myself that I can still communicate with family and friends through technology and perhaps the odd porch visit where we stand masked and at a distance of six feet from one another.

I walk every day seeking solace from the art of nature and I am filled with wonder at what I find.  It liberates my mind from fears of the unknown at the same time sustains and empowers me to share what I find hoping to bring some of that wonder into someone’s life. I have learned to love what I have within myself – to be myself – for doesn’t nature carry on fulfilling her duties no matter what? Yes, nature teaches to temper fear with hope. And, yes, emotions can impact our physical health. For this reason alone, I might add it is important to live, feel, hear, see and taste the moment. Like the dance of sunshine through a lacy foliage, tink, tink, tink of a radiator, whoosh of air released from a vent, song of melting snow rushing into the sewer, whiff of woodsmoke caught in the tail of a sudden breeze, distant chirping of a lone bird, taste of warm bread that makes the tongue do a jig of happiness. These are moments worth their weight in gold.

Stay safe and keep well. Continue on your quest of momentous discovery!

Purabi Sinha Das

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