Photo: Purabi Das, Durham, ON March 2020

As humans we find ways to deal with the unexpected, the uncertainties, the anxieties that a situation like we are facing now can bring. We do what we can. Some of us take refuge in books, others seek comfort through social media; some make cleaning out closets and cupboards a personal challenge. Some even ramp up their exercise routine. As a world community we are facing a time of such dire trouble that it’s hard to find that ray of sunshine, that bit of hope.

Over the past few weeks, I found myself retreating more into me, only finding relief when I sat at my desk to write – anything and everything. Freeform verse is the best for me at this time. It feels like I am discovering myself; each day brings new thoughts and ideas. However, as the day wanes there appears the same heaviness to shroud me in its smothering embrace, one that I have resisted through the day. And, the only way to deal with this I have discovered is to let my mind roam over the years, across oceans, among family and friends. And, with this reminder resonating in the back of my mind to not forget how precious life is I feel my fingers let go of the quilt where it had been clutching it.

We drove into the country the other day. It is Spring but remnants of snow lie in patches across fields, in forests under evergreen trees, and even along the side of the road. How peaceful it all appeared! Driving past a couple of horse farms, the sight of horses somehow seemed reassuring, if only because, by their very muteness the unnatural times we are living in now had been put to pause. Here are some pictures I took that day. Enjoy.

We are in this together. Hang in there and know that shared strength is unbelievably powerful.

Stay safe…Keep well


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