Hazaribagh Photo: Purabi Das, Nov 2017

March 16, 2020

As we navigate our way through this world crisis, we will have to find means to support each other. As a writer, I hope that my work will bring you some comfort, perhaps even a sparkle in the eye, a smile or desire to share as you scroll down the page.

We are in this together. That realization itself brings us collective grace. It’s times like this when we are obliged to slow down, when we begin to appreciate what we have, re-discover the treasures of simple living. A blue sky where birds fly. True, many of us probably want to be a bird if only that’ll keep us out of infection. Alas, we are human, meant to stay right here. That’s a good thing for it is mother earth that sustains us. Trees, lakes, rivers, seas, oceans, hills and mountains – we have so much around us. Now’s the time to be thankful for what we have, promise to take care of and be kind to her and ourselves.

Now that travel has been curtailed drastically, I recollect all those times I travelled and got so much pleasure out of it. Here I am now, obliged to practice social distancing, not only for myself but for the good of others. Why not then make the best out of a bad situation? Here are some pictures I have never shared – may even cheer you up. I don’t know but I have to take that chance.

I write stories and poems. Mine is a solitary pursuit. Except for those times when I attend a conference, writing workshop or Open Mic, I am pretty much on my own. With family members working from home it can get a bit tricky to find alone time but we have to try. We will have to share space. Kind of reminds me of growing up in India where we three sisters shared a room.

This is where kindness will play an important role.

It’s hard not to worry about our jobs, our health and the economy. However, these things are out of our control. What we can do is use good judgement, be socially responsible, pay heed to medical professionals. I have a feeling when the danger has passed, and we are breathing freely, visiting each other, going to church, temple and mosque – we will have changed. Perhaps become kinder, more compassionate, helpful. We might even look at the earth in a different light as we heal and be healers. We will take care of each other.  

Stay safe…take one day at a time.


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