Photo: Purabi Das, Pickering, March 2020

March 20, 2020

I had to get out of the house. Am I the only one out?

I have things to sort out and find this the best way to do it. Thoughts, haphazard, yet somehow, coherent, run through my mind – need to order a webcam with mic for my desktop. I have procrastinated about this and now it’s become necessity. The new normal.

Along with my churning thoughts, the quick steps of my feet mark a swift rhythm on ground when a sudden burst of birdsong stops me in my wild rush. It is sweet and pure, normal sounding. Did I say normal?

The birdsong stops, once more utter silence cloaks the street.

I carry on eager to continue with my thoughts when the sound of an approaching car in the distance breaks the surreal quietness, I heave a great sigh of relief, which turns into a quiet chuckle. How strange that within a few weeks even the sound of a car, instead of irritating is actually welcome to my ears.

It is March Break. Children are out of school. They should be all over but are not. No playdates, or visits to the zoo, or the movie hall, or just hanging out in the front yard etc. etc. etc. Walking past the park I am taken aback at the quietness surrounding it. The swings don’t swing, monkey bars are without little forms dangling in precarious positions, baseball fields stretch out as far as the eye can see.

Deep in thought I don’t notice the dog and his owner until the last minute. We both move away, to a safe distance, smile, and carry on. New normal.

I haven’t run in a while, never easy during tricky weather. Today is one of those days in March when the wind isn’t too strong and the sun, though weak, does peep out intermittently from behind dark clouds. I take this as a sign of hope, pick up my pace and with the sound of my pounding feet echoing in my ears, I determine to let go of my worries about an uncertain future, and just enjoy the day.

Hope is here to stay.

Keep Well…Stay Safe


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