Gardens I visited or passed by during my travels

Flowers, trees, gardens – all of creation. They are what make life worthwhile, especially, during this time of social distancing.  We are gradually coming out of isolation; yet, that sense of uncertainty, of confusion underpinning the early days of the pandemic although showing signs of easing with each succeeding day, still by and large serve to determine our actions now.

Flowers have stood the test of time and mishap over the centuries. And, by their very existence provide a sense of security, of mental well-being even when the earth trembles or the air groans under the weight of yet another disaster.

Whether growing wild, creeping up a crumbling wall, blossoming in orderly fashion in a well-tended garden, offered in prayer or displayed in a florist’s window, flowers fulfill their duty without question. They keep nature’s ecosystem alive and well.

So, my friends, today I want to take you on a virtual tour of gardens I visited or passed by during my travels around the world. Some had flowers and although small they drew me, like a bee is drawn towards the nectar filled center, and I clicked away happily.

As always, you are in my prayers. Stay safe and keep well. Smile when you come upon flowers. Even a single bud radiates positive energy. Let creation restore your spirit – whether in the form of a garden or found growing by the wayside, they are all good.

Purabi Sinha Das

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