Saris belonging to Purabi Das find a new purpose.
I have a closet full of saris, most came with me from India when I arrived in Canada as a […]
Hazaribagh Photo: Purabi Das, Nov 2017
March 16, 2020 As we navigate our way through this world crisis, we will have to find means to support […]
Photo: Purabi Das, Pickering, March 2020
March 20, 2020 I had to get out of the house. Am I the only one out? I have things […]
Photo: Purabi Das, Pickering, April 2020
Dear Friends, I hope you are well and safe during this difficult time. I want to thank you for your […]
What remains of Fort George Photo: Purabi Das, Georgetown, Grand Cayman
These days when my mind wanders there inevitably rise glorious pictures of Grand Cayman. Can’t believe we were there just […]
Photo: Purabi Das, Grand Cayman
I have a personal relationship with the Bougainvillea. Is it any wonder then this tropical flower has been the center […]
Photo: Purabi Das, Durham, ON March 2020
As humans we find ways to deal with the unexpected, the uncertainties, the anxieties that a situation like we are […]